Residential 19 apartments

YEAR  2003    LOCATION  Valencia    STATE  Built     PLOT SURFACE  

Given the irregularity of the plot, the objective is to make the maximum number of dwellings in a fork between 70 and 140 m2 useful. The latter dedicated to duplexes, with two floors and terraces. Finally, 19 homes and 70 parking spaces were arranged in addition to four premises.

The main idea is based on the corridor street concept: window + tree. With a classic character, it recalls the Viennese interventions with a basal body, a half body ruled by the flown bodies that take on the bluish gray. On a reddish red glazed. The brick joint is continuous that reinforces horizontality. The coronation body is a canopy flown over the street. Both the first and last floors have the possibility of outdoor outdoor games.