Shade Path Nueva York

YEAR  2012    LOCATION  New York    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE  

The intervention area is located in a landfill and the intention of the contest is to regenerate this space and turn it into a space for everyone. We will create a new urban center, a pleasant area to enjoy. A new milestone for Staten Island. The contest proposal is intended to become a major draw for New York citizens, primarily from the surrounding neighborhoods. A space for everyone.

Main idea: shadowy paths, a basic module is repeated like church naves. A wooden arch structure that winds through the landscape and provides shade using photovoltaic panels. These structures provide a shady path to guide people. Our design objective has been to create an organic element, without straight lines, to integrate into a natural environment. This modular structure offers an interior space. The starting point is the creation of sustainable elements, for this reason the basic structure is made up of solar panels for the structure, while its highest point houses a turbine for the generation of wind energy.