Cabanyal House

YEAR  2006    LOCATION  Valencia    STATE  Built     PLOT SURFACE  250 m2

The project that is based on comprehensive rehabilitation and expansion aims to define the intervention to be carried out on facades, structure and roofs, the habitability of the existing house and other elements of the building, with an increase in the original volume.

The ground floor is intended for complementary use to housing, whether it is access to housing, with ladder start on upper floors and a toilet located below it, as a garage for a physically independent parking space. On the upper floors, the house program is developed, which is accessed by stairs from the lower floor, accessing the reception space that distributes the access to the toilet, in the kitchen and in the dining-living area. The new, more open layout has been restructured the kitchen to adapt it to current needs. The current living-dining area is created with the aim of eliminating rooms from the pre-existing dwelling and relying on Calle Antonio Juan. This objective is achieved, eliminating excess compartmentalisation and providing more surface in the space of the living-dining area and the start of the staircase to the upper floor. It is on the second floor where two double rooms are located at both ends of the long rectangular floor. Thus the central area is occupied by a staircase core, bathroom and dressing room in the main bedroom.