14 Warehouses

YEAR  2002    LOCATION  Pedreguer · Alicante    STATE  Construido    PROJECT SURFACE

Fourteen industrial warehouses are developed, avoiding interior partitioning. Devise the future organization of the offices that each one would join, according to their needs program. It is intended to leave all possibilities open to cover any type of activity. A covered area and access to the upper floor are created.

The project is established in two phases: I and II. Serialization with a 300 mm module with white chromaticity, taut and polished surfaces and high-performance concrete with 160 mm thin skin and soundproofing. Internal structure of reinforced concrete with high structural resistance and against fire (semi-structural framework system). Prevalence of the dry joint, only wet work on foundations with support walls for the support of piles and end faces, in order to couple the unevenness. Iterative pieces with a cadence of multiples of 300 mm. He was col • placing and sharing. Except for expansion joints. Two-sided roof. Hidden. Three sheets. Two of oven-lacquered steel. The intermediate extruded polystyrene. Horizontal finish. Chromatism alone, when possible in we bring outside.