Arquisculturas Leganés

YEAR  2011    LOCATION  Leganés · Madrid    STATE  In project    SUPERFICIE PROYECTO

The object of this competition is the architectural and landscape definition of the remodeling and expansion of the Leganés Open Air Sculpture Museum, with a program that allows us to provide information for purposes of orientation and to adequately house and expose pieces of hitherto impossible exposure to the outside. . The required program is as follows: - Permanent sculpture room or rooms - Temporary exhibition room or rooms - Reception hall with the possibility of a shop area - Office area - Sculpture warehouse - Workshops and classrooms - Conferences - Cafeteria Within the proposed program, we also include the creation of multipurpose rooms for meetings to provide knowledge for collectors, representations of private companies investing in works of art, coaching for critics, technicians and exhibition curators.

The complete conservation proposal of the current building. For sustainability reasons, we believe that the existing heritage should not be demolished but, on the contrary, made it grow. That is why the current building must be maintained and adapted over time to the requirements of the complex after the journey that begins now. The set that we propose is the harmonic tricycle of three constituent elements: The urbanized plot with the landscaping proposed in this proposal, the current existing building of the museum and the new-storey building proposed in this solution.

Enhancement of the existing urban environment after the intervention. Future economic viability. Low maintenance cost. This proposal aims to create a living museum complex, with an area dedicated to the sculptures housed in the new museum, another area is conceived as an open-air museum. The proposal highlights the exterior space and therefore integrates the new building into it. It will be on the sculptural promenade of the garden and in the new transparent building where the exposed work is contemplated, both from its interior route and from the surrounding exterior.