Elche Music Hall

YEAR  2009    LOCATION  Elche · Alicante    STATE  In project     PROJECT SURFACE


The plot was one of the last remaining redoubts in the area to continue the regenerative process of the city with staggered alignments without any cadence that would serve to recognize urban DNA. The height of the auditorium does not protrude from its surroundings in order to submit to the scale of the void created by its neighbors.

Our proposal bets on retiring to the classic way of the main urban road. Access to the building, both pedestrian and wheeled, is done by studying the area, accessibility, and unevenness, facilitating arrival in the building and continuing as a proper urban environment for its immediate neighbors. We take advantage of the play area as a green access that leads us to the main access, with games of unevenness between streets that simultaneously serve as the green cover of the car park.

We have conceived the auditorium as a set of three volumes: a central volume that houses the main nucleus of the room, and two lateral volumes that house the services necessary for the operation of the building. In the lateral volumes, we wanted to create a set of voids, achieving different green areas that provide greater quality to the interior space of the auditorium and that interrelate interior-exterior space. By means of this disintegration of the block, we want to integrate into a disaggregated environment, with great heterogeneity of statures and volumes.