Stand Urbe

YEAR  2002    LOCATION  Valencia    STATE  In project   

This stand represents the social function of the C.O.A.C.V. in our society. Small light piece, like a lighthouse. In the stormy seas of design and construction of urban, architectural, industrial, commercial, leisure spaces, etc. arranged until they reach their smallest components. A wrapper that makes your interior space transparent, full of projects. Covered by a slightly warped flexible surface that adjectives the transit space evoked by the various headquarters of demarcations of the C.O.A.C.V. for its morphology, materials and colors.

The longitudinal façade made up of a square and modular tube structure. Said metallic structure receives and supports the modular crystals. The light inserted inside, here is diffracted and uniform. Soil: the floor is raised 16 cm. on a lattice decking that supports a high-density board lined with tear-resistant aluminum sheets. Cover: The cover is developed through a translucent white canvas stretched with steel cables and that configures two planes in both side accesses and a smooth warped and taut surface. Exhibition panel: white panel with a variable thickness that contains the square structure inside as well as the longitudinal façade. Evaluating the complete assembly time in 30 hours, with a total of six operators from various trades involved.