YEAR  2022    LOCATION   Es Migjorn · Menorca   STATE  Project    PLOT SURFACE  2200 m2

The placement has been adjusted by retreating from the limits 3 meters on both sides. The building has been placed on the street street line, to represent a public building that acts as a street. Although we are on the outskirts with the intention of monumentalizing the periphery of Es Migjorn Gran.

The slogan VENTALL speaks of two motivations: the formal solution on the ground plan that segments the functional elements like the rods of a fan, and that of ventilating the interior of the spaces to release the high relative humidity that exists on the island and thus reduce the sensation of embarrassment. In summer and dry the environment in winter, by means of crossed air circulations through facades and interior patios. On the other hand, there is a need to insert advances in ecology, sustainability and energy generation to make the architectural piece self-sufficient.