Extension Stadtmuseum

YEAR  2009    LOCATION  Kassel · Germany    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE

Conserve to the maximum what we have. Increase what is essential and recover the past and project it into the present. Shake hands with the contemporary in the movement for social renewal in the city of Kassel. Urbanistically, morphologically differentiate the permanent part from the contemporary and harmoniously integrate old and modern with the contemporary in a unit.

Today a museum is a center for study, dissemination and debate. The exhibitions will be diverse, as well as the space that houses them. So it will be a fluid and flexible space. A nerve center of the persistent and renewed Kassel. We recovered the original entrance on the Ständeplatz, monumentalizing it. Natural light is sought to be nuanced by treating the U-glass with acid. The distribution is conceived with flexible easily accessible rooms depending on the magnitude of the event to be exhibited. Hallways are also, as at MoMA, NY Guggenheim, exhibition spaces.

Visually, the added body is separated from the old building by the cantilevered canopy, which levitates by the light. It separates the new from the old, but intertwined with each other. There is the circulatory concern of the visitor and their understanding of the building, so the view flows side by side with the building.