Town Hall Altea

YEAR  2020    LOCATION  Altea (Marina Baixa) · Alicante    CLIENT   Altea's Council Town    PRIZE  Third prize

The objective of this proposal focuses on the reorganization of the urban space prioritizing pedestrian use, and creating a connection through a walkway with the old part of the municipality to give a new life to the urban space, and on the other hand, the expansion of the current building of the town hall to adapt to the new needs that arise.

To do this, we propose a joint idea of ​​urbanization and expansion of space destined for the City Council that solves the connection problems between urban spaces separated by the railway line layout and improves the currently existing urbanization, limited by road lines, car parks public and the railway line.

The main premise of our proposal revolves around the visual connection between Altea Dalt and Altea Baix. Two parts of the same town, two milestones as an enhancement of the revitalization of each of the areas. Light will be the architect of that connection.

What we are looking for is an urbanization of public space with a common language that allows the reading of the entire intervention set as a unit, playing with the pavement, urban furniture and green areas, which allows us to create a unitary image of our entire area intervention, and endow the public space with personality.

The town hall becomes the landmark of Altea Baix and by means of a walkway-viewpoint that acts as a scar between both parts of the population, a versatile, sustainable space is achieved and acts as a catalyst to rediscover the Villa de Altea.