Church refurbishment Emperador

YEAR  2006    LOCATION  Emperador · Valencia    STATE  Complete    PROJECT SURFACE

The purpose of this project is to define the facade rehabilitation intervention of the Virgen del Rosario church, located in the municipality of Emperador. Currently the building, occupying a rectangular plan, is located between party walls, showing a facade on Av. Barcelona.

Its composition is tripartite, in its center there are two large access sheets, and in the central body on the axis of symmetry there is a niche with a figure flanked on one side and on the other by two small windows covered by wooden latticework. The upper body is made up of a double steeple finished off by a triangular pediment.

Surface paints are cleaned with a stripper made with a mixture of solvents, removal of buds and oxidations and replacement of damaged keys. On the other hand, the iron is repaired in the lower part more attacked by inclement weather and covered with pores with golden paste coverings. Finally, a two-coat application is carried out.