House in Bahamas

YEAR  2009    LOCATION  Bahamas    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE  300 m2 

The objective of this contest is the design of a 2-3-floor multi-generational house for a married couple and their two six-year-old twin children, two guest apartments for family members and independent spaces for employees. The design that is asked of us must be Mediterranean, Contemporary, Caribbean or a fusion of the three. The "guiding" architecture in our design should stimulate and delight with your unique ideas, exotic details, and classic emphasis, while harmonizing interior and exterior spaces.

Be committed to soft insertion in the environment. The topographic, morphological, climatic, landscape and vegetable insertion guidelines facilitate the insertion of the architectural elements. Organization of the main architectural piece, with the corridors as structuring axes of the three parts of the project: family / guests / employees. Representative entrance in the access and view from the road. Rear facade overturned on the beach that receives ocean breezes. Domestic work stays are those that act as a joint between both parties and operate autonomously. All the bedrooms have sea views and the communication axes cross the various volumes tangentially.

Construction is based on a fully precast system. Pillars, beams and concrete floors. Every room enjoys cross ventilation.