Patio House

YEAR  2005    LOCATION  Paterna · Valencia    STATE  Built     PLOT SURFACE  

This project is the result of the interaction of the basic compositional criteria on low-density urban habitats, the circumstances imposed by the property in the composition of the plants and elevations, the reality of the surroundings of the Cañada area and the observation of ordinances. The design criteria are based on an expression of slightly andalusian character, as can be guessed by the compact composition, giving rise to the interior patio that articulates the exterior. A chromatic intonation of earthy and white tones.

As for the house itself, an attempt has been made to introduce the hierarchy of interior spaces, together with the concept of spatial fluidity. The volume dedicated to housing is composed of a basement with a garage, a ground floor that accumulates the entire main program of the house, establishing fluid and direct relationships between the day area, with the kitchen, dining room and living room, and the night area, consisting of four bedrooms and two bathrooms and finally the first floor that is intended for a multipurpose area.