Gothlandia competition

YEAR  2013    LOCATION  Barcelona    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE

We propose a proposal through three conditioning factors: integration of pre-existing elements in the proposal, urban singularity through the chromatic composition of volumes and spatial fluidity through the flexibility of the plants with the possibility of future growth. Polarization of urban care in the building and the activities that take place in it. The proposal is submitted to the light and view easements requirements of neighboring buildings, inviting them to join. Interior / exterior interaction guaranteed through transparencies. The interior spaces are individualized and each of the activities carried out on the various floors becomes distinguishable.

The Vil·la Urania tradition is preserved, making it a participant in the complex. We expanded the functional program assigned with an astonomic observatory, as a tribute to its former owner, the renowned astronomer Josep Comas i Solà. Prefabricated construction system to combine the extensive program, initial budget, cheap maintenance, aesthetic quality and sustainability standards. Our goal is to achieve an ecological building of consumption 0, with covers of urban gardens and photovoltaic panels. All materials are recyclable and recoverable. Double skin facade where natural lighting is maximized. Spatial fluidity guarantees cross ventilation with natural air renovations.