Lalla Yeddouna Square, Fez

YEAR  2010    LOCATION  Fez · Morocco    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE

Our goal is the rebirth of the place as an urban space, with respect for the city and its people. We seek the source of pre-existence. What was there in the first place? we asked ourselves, and the answer is quite simple most of the time: There was a river, the orography, the landscape. There, what did people do in the first place? The study indicates that the alignment of the buildings follows the model elaborated by the contour lines. So what did they do next?

They made the culture. What can we do, here and now, to be honest with the place and its people. We have an old bridge that connects the two edges of the river and a pedestrian bridge that connects the car park outside the area that is the subject of our proposal with Plaza Lalla Yeddouna. It is about making the connections between both parts of the river, trying to give the river personality to the area, but I did not isolate it from the other part of the city, facilitating long-distance relationships, revitalizing the river. We have here a piece of the city that interconnects with the rest of it and creates a new pole of attraction for life, not just tourism.

The Lalla Yeddouna neighborhood is located in the Medina of Fez, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. Lalla Yeddouna is a strategic location in the core of this oldest part of Fez. The Medina is a mosaic of small and modest houses, with earth colors, and its endless maze of narrow streets. With its rehabilitation, the Lalla Yeddouna area will become a vibrant mixed-use urban center for the community as well as for visitors to the Medina.