I.E.S. La Patacona


YEAR  2018    LOCATION  Valencia    STATE  SURFACESURFACE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE  7.679,71 m2

Proposal for the competition for the new Institute of Secondary Education "La Patacona" located in Alboraya (Valencia) and convened by the Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The plot is ordered by means of a south-north axis approximately parallel to the coastline that chains the architectural piece, stringing the three transverse bodies according to a volume that unites them. Vaguely remembering the arrangement of a fish's spine. This is the result of the study of orientations, of the wind regime and the game of concealments and expositions of the pre-existing ones, as well as the landscape contemplation of the whole from both distance and proximity. In order to educate civility with the teaching container itself.

The fronts oriented to the west face have been placed vertical gardens that protect from the incidence of the afternoon sun and cool the environment, hiding the flight of stairs on the upper floors, establishing a dialogue with the views of the fields of l'Horta referred to insertion and location according to environmental pre-existing conditions.