Colective housing Gandía

YEAR  2019    LOCATION  Gandia · Valencia    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE  800 m2

The inserted piece has a rectangular footprint in a relationship between length and width close to the golden section, in an open building. Almost E-O orientation. The longest sides remain on the south and north faces. The regime of winds that we indicate in the following scheme leads us to create a design where the wind is an ally to reduce the incidence of sunlight and create channels to reduce the temperature and hot summer. Seasoned with the introduction of vegetation.

A rebalance between an urban and a rural atmosphere. A dialectic between the individual and the community, as well as an invitation with their friends and neighbors of the block as well as their neighbors to generate community and neighborhood. Delimiting the intimate and opening up to collective activity. Resulting in thirty VPOs, four of which are duplexes. Creating common spaces that share daily and logistical activities. Laundry, children's playroom, games room, meeting room, youth meeting spaces on the covered terraces and sharing the maximum of common facilities as if it were a small Hoff because it is about supporting the creation of a Housing Cooperative.