Orlando Sustainable City

YEAR  2013    LOCATION  Orlando · USA    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE

Sustainable city proposal. Self-sufficient micro-cities within the city are proposed: The main objective is to reduce car journeys, which are unavoidable in large single-family residential cities. The buildings are designed to achieve less energy consumption and greater energy generation with photovoltaic solar panels on roofs and facades with amorphous glass to generate energy. Geothermal energy and biomass. Vegetation on the floors of the building to combat CO2.

Energetically self-sufficient public areas with photovoltaic panels, artificial forests as electricity generators for vehicles. Urban buildings and structures with rainwater collection for reuse. Recycling as a fundamental aspect in sustainability, with urban recycling centers. We propose a city on two levels: a level ± 0'00 m, in contact with nature, to develop outdoor activities, and a level ± 7'00 m where the daily human relationship, communications, takes place displacements, urban gardens for self-consumption and access to buildings.

Micro-cities as car-free spaces, where activities (shops, schools, markets, offices, ...) are concentrated to promote communications on foot or bicycle and avoid the use of the car.