YEAR  1993    LOCATION  Paiporta · Valencia    STATE  Construido    PROJECT SURFACE  421 m2

An attempt has been made to harmonize the industrial character of the environment with the requirements of a company open to the public, as well as with respect to the building that was first designed, giving the later façade the appropriate importance, which requires falling into the green zone and near the future connection. with the old town. With everything it is tried to improve the urban image of the population creating "facade" in the walk.

The needs program requested by the property is developed as follows Ground floor: area for commercial warehouse, staff and customer access with a hall for exhibition and reception, changing room area, electrical room and toilet for customers and production area that expands by two bays that of the initial project. Mezzanine floor: Manager's office, offices, empty warehouse and exhibition. First floor: Director's offices, secretariat, accounting, office, toilet, waiting room, circulation hall, staircase flown over the exhibition void and connecting it with the second floor and interconnection with the finishing area. enlarged in two bays with respect to that of the first projected building. Second floor: Open space, with no precise destination.