Comprehensive rehabilitation Manyans-Trenc

YEAR  2003    LOCATION  Valencia    STATE  Complete    PLOT SURFACE

Despite being in the old nerve center and commercial center of the city with a French and historicist trend and decoration. We are at the head of the BIC s ​​of the Church of Santa Catalina and the Central Market. A degree of environmental protection three. The main objective is to replace all those slabs that did not give the minimum conditions of stability in the building and to reinforce the studs that hold the building. Replace the roof, reinforce balconies and redo the cadence of the steps to equalize them under the implementation of all the regulations and ordinances from the new PGOU in Valencia and the recent PEPRI of El Mercado.

This intervention has the character of going unnoticed. We invert the colors of academic and historicist buildings. Creating in it compositional and chromatic unity. The soffit of the sotabalcones meets and the taste for the mixed composition of the roof is recovered: roof and roof.