Music and dance school

YEAR  2010    LOCATION  Ciudadela · Menorca    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE  

The urban layout rules and the party walls tell us where to support the building, also its profile and the unevenness of the same, where we take advantage of to urbanize and include them. We create a street as a passageway protected from the sun but not from the light and we hide the access that forces its passage. We open the group and listening rooms on the access floors, which can become a place of representation through their location.

The internal rupture of volumes is only the transposition of the various rooms and their spaces on a line close to a bisector of the preexisting party walls that acts as a backbone that is the minimum corridor on each floor. As it happens in the traces of the Ciutadella planimetry. The final formal result is a series of parallelepipeds that give the sensation of a single volume that creates the façade of the passage. The irregularities are hidden behind and distance from the other façade in the south-facing courtyard.

The activities of the music band and the small auditorium are located on the ground floor with the support file. People walk by and watch band members rehearse. Music groups can offer concerts in the upper plaza even from rehearsal classrooms. A thin roof makes them shelter and goes into the square giving continuity to the central block. On the second level there are spaces that require more privacy and concentration. In the third level the volumes gain in height to be used for dance. The rooms can be connected in a single room giving flexibility to the spaces.