Hostel in Quesa

YEAR  2011    LOCATION  Quesa · Valencia    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE  400 m2

The site is located between the mountain slope and the sports facilities in Quesa, with a pronounced difference in level between the different elements of the complex. It is located on a kind of terraced balcony, surrounded by Mediterranean trees that nuances the panoramic views, that are hidden among its canopies, with splendid views of the mountains.

It is essential in our intervention to make the plot accessible to all, incorporating soft access ramps to the hostel and play areas. The various pavements, sidewalks and garden areas lead us to the reception of the hostel. Landscape insertion with materials from the region, and green roof integrated into the environment.

In our proposal, the uses of the program are divided according to the space. Two trapezoids are created that make up the set, the first of them is a small reception trapeze along with access, on two floors. The second trapezoid is used for logistical support and adapted rooms, on one floor. The main body is formed by a parallelepiped of community life, on two floors; Visually open ground floor on the outer space, and upper floor for the bedrooms. We separate ourselves from obstacles such as sports areas and the retaining walls of the slope.