Building 27 apartments

YEAR  2004    LOCATION  Paterna · Valencia    STATE  Built     PLOT SURFACE  

Building between party walls located in the Villa de Paterna. The morphotype composition of the building is a single body, clearly legible from the outside, with an interposition of outgoing and incoming areas, and with a well-defined pattern of gaps.

The composition has been established according to the criteria of distribution of buildings between party walls, that is why they are articulated around the light patios. At least three bedrooms are located in each of the houses, with the exception of an attic house that only has two. They all have two bathrooms and a kitchen. The composition of the façade is of a classical nature, ordered in height according to the base, a central body and the crown of the canopy through the backward movement with some terraced areas, in order to regularize the distributions with respect to the façade.