Sports Center Vandellós

YEAR  2009    LOCATION  Vandellós · Tarragona    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE 

The main idea of ​​this competition consists of the elaboration of a sports pavilion project attached to the existing building that houses the pool, to complete the sports facilities in the area. It is an urbanized area on the outskirts of the town, intended for single-family homes. The needs program we have consists of a main sports court intended to house the public, and secondary facilities to develop all kinds of collective sports. The project focuses on the main volume of the slopes, which, due to its size and importance, focuses the entire project on its turn.

The aim is to have maximum natural lighting during the day to avoid the feeling of closed volume. This is achieved through the resolved roof with panels that allow overhead lighting, and with the placement of slats on the facade. As it is a forceful main volume, our intention is to give it personality by choosing a different material from the environment (solar panels and photovoltaic cells), which, on the one hand, gives it an identifying image and, on the other hand, favors the sustainability of the building, saving energy and respecting the environment.