Facades Rehabilitation Trenc

YEAR  2003    LOCATION  Valencia    STATE  Complete    PLOT SURFACE

The purpose of this project is to define the rehabilitation of facades and roofs of the building located in calle del Trenc no. 25 acc. and in San Fernando street no. 26. It should be noted that the building confronts c / San Fernando with a building from the late eighteenth or early nineteenth centuries that the Rubió Pharmacy, with Art-Deco decoration, was inserted on its ground floor from the 1930s.

The floor plan has an L shape, it is made up of four floors and the facades have transitory floral motifs, between the eclecticism of the late 19th century and the insertion of motifs already clearly from floral Modernism. The brightly colored borders that punctually order the façade are of special interest. The carpentry is made of tripartite wood and with a horizontal card. The supporting structure is made of 14 x 28 Valencian / Catalan format solid brick with variable thickness.

It is opted to maintain the compositional criteria of center axes of holes and original spans. The joineries are the original ones, keeping the glass simple and respecting straight lines. The boards of the balconies are renewed and they will structurally recompose and repair the sotabalcones, all the floral motifs will be recovered by brushing.