Comprehensive rehabilitation Estamenyeria

YEAR  1998   LOCATION  Valencia    STATE  Complete    PLOT SURFACE  87,65 m2

The purpose of this project is to define the comprehensive rehabilitation intervention of the residential building. This building is located in the Mercado neighborhood and is governed by the current PEPRI. The plot has zoning for Urban Land for residential use and does not specify any level of protection.

The façade of the body between party walls, in Estamañería, has faint late-neo-classical connotations that remind us of that eclectic architecture of pseudo-French academicist rel with a vernacular tone, which is expressed with the molded rings the gaps that appear in the upper floors of the drawn ordinances. The matrix is ​​typical of the time, where we can find it with small variations throughout Ciutat Vella. This building has heavy facades, however, it maintains the clear, forceful and ubiquitous concept throughout the Mediterranean that the proposed solution aims to maintain and enhance.