Istanbul disaster centre

YEAR  2011    LOCATION  Istanbul · Turkey    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE  

The site of the proposed competition is located in a newly developed area in the Bakırköy district of Istanbul. It is an area of ​​expansion, commercial and business area, well connected to the city. The mosque dome tops off the central empty space that rises to find the details of daylight. The building turns on itself by dragging each of the program's points, with the most public spaces above to guide people to the top floor.

We have thought about the leitmotif of all phenomena, designing a building that explains the movement of tectonic plates. We designed a peripheral ramp (6% slope) that surrounds the exterior in the shape of a propeller and allows us to see the landscape of Istanbul as we climb. The glass dome is projected with two layers. The first lower layer is used to protect against the weather, while the second outer layer is made up of a photovoltaic adjustable grid system to improve the energy sustainability of the building.