Viewpoint House

YEAR  1993    LOCATION  Chiva · Valencia    STATE  Built    PLOT SURFACE

Given the altitude of the plot that is located on a hill, from where you can see the entire Chiva valley, this project attempts on the one hand to create the locus from the same architectural piece, relying on the composition and on the other organizing the interior of the architectural piece that closes on the west side and opens on the east side that gives magnificent views of the valley. Hence the terreaced expression of the elevations to the east and closed to the west and north.

This project of isolated single-family housing responds to the commission of the property that requires that it be resolved for a family of one marriage and two children; spacious three bedroom home. This requirement is resolved with a ground floor and semi-basement dedicated to the day area and a first floor in the night area. An open hole lets in outside light that radiates in all directions. The topographic contour lines are mimicked by the sinuosity of the terrace boundary line.

A stream of light penetrates and the eyes are dazzled by the wonderful views of the valley, the orchard and the blue sea.