America Square Housing

YEAR  2009    LOCATION  Valencia    STATE  In project    PROJECT SURFACE   

Our intention is that eighteenth-century and early twentieth-century architecture coexist with current architecture that connects with existing architecture on the other side of the river, preserving the invariants that society has distilled over the centuries. For this reason, we propose a transitional architecture that explains and qualifies the passage between two epochs between which eighty years of social, economic, political life, of structural changes, etc.

An architecture of now, without great boasts. An architecture that shows the meandering movement to the other side of the river. An architecture that shows the prestige of this city always on the move. An architecture that maintains the program, as an expression of an industry, that of real estate development. An arrangement not only of the four facades on the public road but the fifth, the roof, which makes València coherent from a bird's-eye view. With the implementation of necessary elements to ensure the sustainability of the building itself.