Rehabilitation de facade and accesibility Almirante Cadarso

YEAR  2009    LOCATION  Valencia    STATE  Complete    PROJECT SURFACE

In this project, the rehabilitation of the main façade, the flat passable roof and the skylight are carried out. In The common elements of the building, the access to the building is intervened, with the elimination of steps and the modified scale of the access for the later placement of an inclined sliding ramp.

We find a building with a recent intervention on the facade, but with an incorrect execution that has revealed flaws in the cantilever of the main facade. The other point of interventions on the flat passable roof where a waterproofing is placed to prevent water seepage. The common elements of the building are in good condition and the intervention only focuses on the replacement of the skylight that presents problems of oxidation and leaks, and the adaptation of the scale in the area of ​​access to the building.

Cleaning and repair of points in poor condition on the main façade, and the subsequent application of one coat of fixation and two coats of acrylic paint for the exterior, with a difference in the colors of the decorations, according to the colors of the area and the time and chosen by the property. Repair of the flat passable roof, with the elevation of the pavement and the placement of waterproofing sheet, paying much attention to the placement of the sheet at the Conflictive points.