YEAR  2021    LOCATION  Gandia · Valencia    STATE  Project    PLOT SURFACE  300 m2

The proposal is governed by the compositional harmonization in which the main elements and are united creating a calm and inspiring atmosphere. The main idea is the integration in the natural environment and the contrast with the Passeig Neptú, constituting a homogeneous space that opens to the Mediterranean Sea and immersing you in an atmosphere different from what can be found in the nearby environment.

The beach bar sits on a wooden platform that levitates on the sand and allows you to create visuals with the sea above umbrellas and bathers. The structure of the building is formed by a defined grid of natural wood pillars. Inside it, like sand castles, two blocks emerge that house common uses (public and free bathrooms) and private uses (storage). On these blocks a differentiating element is created as a pergola and covered in its lower part with a permeable element that evokes the remains that reach the shore and breathe with the sea breeze. They are in charge of closing and defining the geometry, creating an element permeable to the sea winds. This physical contact is reinforced by the visual transparency between the two and all directions.